Drawing for Healing Garden and Courtyard for CVMCDidi Brush Landscape Design offers a range of professional services including on-site consultation, master planning, design & planting plans, and construction management. Each step of the process allows input and creativity by the client and the designer, resulting in a finished product that is tailored to meet the dreams of the client.

Consultation and Site Visit

The initial consultation is an exciting part of the design process because it serves as the introduction to the landscape and the lifestyle and goals of the property owners. A sense of partnership begins to form as the priorities, challenges and opportunities of the Vermont landscape design project are articulated.

Creation of a Base Map

Base maps are the first step in the design process, as they show in plan view all existing site conditions, including buildings, driveways and

Master plan for college campus

paths, terraces, walls & fences, utilities and plantings. The creation of a base map is the basis for the subsequent Master Plan and Site Plan.

Master Plan / Site Design

A selection of conceptual sketches that focus on the entire property (Master Plan), or a specific area of the property (Site Plan) are created. They illustrate the proposed landscape design concepts that address the creation of outdoor spaces, plantings and hardscape areas, circulation through the various spaces and grading considerations, as well as any other goals that the client expresses.

Design Development

After a second consultation with the client, concept drawings are refined and developed into final landscape design drawings and planting plans. At this point the actual materials and plants are selected and drawings are prepared to allow for the implementation of the design.

Concept sketch for a city parkInstallation and Follow Up

After details of the plan are finalized DBLD collaborates with skilled Vermont landscape contractors and nursery professionals to develop cost estimates and to schedule and oversee the work to project completion.

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