OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was lucky. I grew up in a rural area with four brothers, and spent all my time outdoors. We explored rock outcroppings, woods, streams and bogs, meadows and haylofts. I have loved the structural quality of the New England landscape for my entire life, and have found a language and a profession that demonstrates a way to reveal nature’s power and beauty, and create spaces which allow human beings to celebrate nature’s genius and weave it into their own lives.

Each time we walk in nature it is a different experience. Whether we walk through a thick stand of maple trees, or climb a hill to discover an open field – everything is always changing spatially. And our relationship to each space changes as we move from one to another. The light that is cast, the air that moves between the grasses or leaves on the trees, the vertical and horizontal elements – all add dynamic aspects to the landscape.

These are just a few of the considerations that are important to each and every project that we design.

We all have memories of our special outdoor places as children, and people often hope to capture the essence of those places in their landscapes of today. Landscape designers must work with each client to accomplish that goal and realize that through careful listening we will understand our client’s wishes and the unique characteristics of each site in order to suggest appropriate design directions and plant choices.


Hunter College, BA
Vermont Technical College, Ornamental Horticulture & Landscape Design Program
Harvard Graduate School of Design, Career Discovery Program
Julie Moir Messervy Workshop
The Landscape Institute, Cambridge, MA

Former Lives

Non-profit fundraising
Black and white photography
Assistant magazine art director

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